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Founded in 2017 in Atlanta, GA, Goddess Dreadlock Wigs and More   
is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high-quality wigs to cancer patients suffering hair loss as a side-effect of chemotherapy. We were founded to honor the memory of many individuals who wore dreadlocks or braids prior to their diagnosis and for those who choose the natural look during their treatment.

Many who wore dreadlocks prior to their diagnosis do not want to wear a wig that does  not fit their personality.Many want to keep their same look that their family friends and coworkers are used to seeing on them.Goddess Dreadlock Wigs services a diverse population of cancer patients because we know cancer has no boundaries. In just  5 years, we have provided dreadlock wigs to many men women and children with cancer.

Most adult or even children with  cancer who cannot afford a quality wig are forced to rely on beauty supply store wigs that are meant to be a temporary solution. Many patients who seek to buy them are faced with an extremely limited selection, often comprised of wigs that look nothing like their pre-cancer hair, and that do not even fit properly. While there are multiple organizations whose missions’ are to grant hair prostheses to children experiencing medical hair loss, Goddess Dreadlock Extensions is the only organization dedicated to providing customized wigs to cancer patients at a fraction of the cost that many others are offering.

Why Goddess Dreadlock Wigs and More  ?

As a herbalist and Master Loctician I have witnessed many cases over the years concerning  hair loss.Some due to lack of care while others is cancer or some other form of hair loss disease or condition.Hair loss is one of the most psychologically detrimental side-effects of cancer. Our wigs are undetectable and comfortable. Goddess Dreadlock Wigs is committed to helping cancer patients maintain a sense of normalcy, dignity, and privacy. Looking good is intrinsically connected to feeling well, and is an important aspect of the healing process. In addition to being a daunting health foe, cancer is a formidable financial opponent, and high-quality wigs can be exceptionally expensive and are typically not covered by insurance. Patients face mounting medical bills and copays, loss of wages, increased childcare costs, and many other unanticipated expenses. Despite the health benefits, high-quality wigs are often relegated to the status of luxury.